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Dipping/Color Powder

Looking to freshen up your look? At Blissful, our team of professionals are committed to providing you with amazing service to make sure you go home happy. Our staff knows exactly what you are looking for in your next appointment and are ready to pamper you. Visit us today and start your journey to a ravishing new look!

Nail Enhancement

Full Set Short $40

Full Set Long $45

Refill $35

Pink & White $50+

Pink & white Refill $40

Dipping Powder $45+

Color Powder Set $45+

Gel Add-on $15

Nail Repair $7

Nail Take Off $15

Nail Enhancement

We all know how great it feels to walk out of a Nail Salon and be satisfied with the service we received. Our highly trained staff are here to tackle all your needs with a professional Nail Enhancement that will leave you looking and feeling phenomenal. Come in and give us an hour of your time — you’ll be glad you did!

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