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The overall goal of any beauty regimen is to help perpetuate a youthful and radiant appearance, which is largely accomplished through the proper care of our skin. One of the most important parts of our beauty regimen is the removal of excess, unwanted hair, which can help contribute to the softer, cleaner look we most desire–especially on our face. However, removing hair can be uncomfortable, difficult or tedious if not done well, which is what drives us to find new and better ways to achieve the results we want. Wax hair removal is often considered one of the best methods by which to remove excess, unwanted hair. Not only does it achieve the results we desire, it comes with some additional benefits for our skin.  For more information about body waxing, how it is done and how it can benefit your skin, contact our nail salon today.


Back 45+                         
Chest 45+
Bikini 45
Brazilian 60

Arm &Leg

Half Arm 30
Full Arm 40
Under Arm 20
Full Legs 50
Lower Legs 35


Full Face 35
Chin 12
Eyebrows 15

Upper Lip 8

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