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Get to Know Us


Promising Excellence in Everything We Do

At Blissful Nails Spa, we believe our unique combination of experience, cleanliness, and great customer service is what sets us apart from the pack. Our clients deserve only the best, and we’re here to give that to them. From manicures to pedicures and innovative nail enhancement techniques, our nail spa is passionate about making you look and feel beautiful.


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Proper Sanitation

Taking extensive hygienic measures every day, Blissful Nails Spa is among the most sanitary establishments in Houston. We eliminate the use of jet water propulsion because this process takes at least 15 to 20 min to sterilize in the sterilization bath to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Other salon’s just spray the propeller and soak it at night.Instead, we take the step to cover our pedicure bowl with linen to protect our customer 100% germ-free and to prevent from cross contamination.

We dispose of all our files, pumice pads ,buffers and paraffin wax after each use (which is not common practice in the industry) in order to ensure there is no cross contamination. After each service we perform, we double sterilize our equipment with both a wet sterilizer and a dry sterilizer in an effort to keep your experience here both safe and clean.


Great Customer Service

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